Thigh & Arm Correction Surgery


Excess skin under your arms and around your thighs is difficult to shift through diet and exercise alone. Despite being a perfect weight, you might find you still have these problem areas that simply won’t go.

Thigh and arm lifts provide a simple, effective solution to unsightly, loose hanging skin. Appear more toned and slender in a matter of hours.

  • A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that will remove loose hanging skin at the inner thigh or buttock area.
  • Thighs with excessive fat, will appear slender and more sculpted following treatment.
  • An arm lift will remove excess, saggy skin from the upper or lower inner arm.
  • Your arms will appear slimmer and more toned following the treatment.
  • Full body lifts are also possible to achieve a smoother, slimmer, more toned silhouette.

  • Treatment Time : 1-2 hours, one overnight hospital stay.

  • Recovery Time : 2 weeks

  • Results Duration : 12 weeks until final result, scars improve over 18 months

  • Price : From £4575

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  1. If there is a lot of excess skin to be removed during a thigh lift, a buttock lift may also be necessary.
  2. For an even more streamlined appearance, a full body lift is possible. This will target your thighs, arms, buttocks and tummy.
  3. This is life changing surgery which will give you the silhouette you always wanted.


With a thigh lift, it may be necessary to create a t-shaped scar on the inside of the thigh, but we are very careful to make this as discreet as possible. With an arm lift, it may be necessary to create a vertical scar on the inside of the arm. The scars will be pink to begin with, but they fade over time.

The operation for a thigh or arm lift takes place under a general anaesthetic and lasts for 2-3 hours. It will involve an overnight stay in hospital. There will be bruising and swelling afterwards and you will be advised as to when you’ll be able to return to work, depending on your recovery.

Want to show off a more contoured body, with superb arms and thighs? Then please speak to our friendly, professional team who will be able to advise you of the next steps.