Facial Local Procedures


Some procedures to the face require only a local anaesthetic. If, for example, you are having a thread lift, a tightening of the lower eyelids or some ear procedures you will be conscious throughout. The anaesthetic is applied externally, either by injection, or by being rubbed onto the skin. It blocks the way your nerves carry pain signals to your brain. You might feel pressure but it won’t hurt you.

The advantages of procedures that require a local anaesthetic is that your recovery time will be a lot quicker and you will be unlikely to require an overnight stay in hospital.

It will take you some hours to get feeling back in the area that has been anaesthetised. You will be given advice on how to prevent hurting yourself while the area is still numb. Be aware that when sensation returns to the area you might experience a tingling.

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  1. Local anaesthetic is essential for some procedures, in order to ensure you feel no pain.
  2. The dose will be measured according to your specific requirements.
  3. You may feel a scratch as the needle is inserted into the skin, but the sensation only lasts for a few seconds.
  4. You will be monitored until the anaesthetic has numbed the area.


The area that has been anaesthetised will feel numb. You will be advised not to put pressure on the area, and to take care not to accidentally bite your lip or cheek, until the numbness has worn off.

Local anaesthetic is usually administered via an injection. In some cases, cream or gel may be used.

It can take up to half an hour for a local anaesthetic to be fully effective. The procedure won’t be performed until your surgeon is certain that the anaesthetic is working.

The anaesthetic will take 3-5 hours to wear off completely.


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