Breast Augmentation Surgery


Whether you have naturally small breasts you’d like to augment, or you feel unhappy about breasts which have been affected by pregnancy or weight loss, we can help increase your breast size and restore body confidence. We offer safe procedures that use implants to increase size, or lipofilling techniques.

  • Treatment Time : 1 hour. day case.

  • Recovery Time : Discomfort 3-7 days, time off work 1-2 weeks

  • Results Duration : Permanent

  • Price : From £4400

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Lipofilling involves removing fat from another part of your body via liposuction and injecting it under the skin of the breast. This is a cosmetic breast enlargement procedure which is less predictable than a breast implant but has the ability to be lifelong in duration. It is best suited to patients who want to increase their breasts by one cup size. The fat harvested from a patient’s own body has been used as a breast implant for around 100 years.

  • Have larger breasts in proportion to your body.
  • Increasing your self esteem and body confidence can provide great psychological benefits.
  • Safe, permanent procedure to improve your outward appearance.
  • Breasts that are to be augmented by one cup size will benefit from lipofilling.


  1. During your consultation with us, we will discuss where you would like fat cells injected and the best place from which to remove it.
  2. During the procedure, fat cells will be removed from the source area and spun in a centrifuge. This is how we prepare the fat to be injected.
  3. The fat is then injected into the desired part of the body using a small needle.
  4. The contours of your body or face will be more flattering and make you look younger.


We will use small syringes to harvest fat from fat rich areas of your body, those areas will depend on the individual. Then, after preparing the fat for use, we will inject it into the required area.

We can add fat where it’s needed. Most commonly, fat transfer is used to treat wrinkles and add volume to lips and breasts.

The area where you have had fat injected will be noticeably replumped, making you appear significantly younger. Although your face and body will continue to age naturally, the effects of fat transfer are permanent, making you appear younger than your years.
A metal tube is inserted into the problem area and excess fat is sucked out.

You will have bruising, swelling and discolouration. The will also be small scars. However, certainly six months following the operation, you should have no further swelling or bruising and your desired body shape will have been achieved.

Find out more about fat transfer and its incredible, unique benefits by calling our team to book a consultation. When you’ve taken years off your body and face, you’ll be glad you did.


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