Ear Correction Surgery


Many people with ears that are too prominent feel self-conscious about them. They might have been teased in school and they might of been teased about them in their adult life.

Whether you’re worried about both ears or just one, we can help. We can reshape the ear so that it lies closer to the side of the head with minimal scarring. We can also make too-large earlobes smaller if required.

  • Treatment Time : 60 mins procedure LA/GA

  • Recovery Time : 1 week

  • Results Duration : Permanent

  • Price : From £2665

For all enquiries call us on 07878 344 304


  1. In surgery to correct ears which are too prominent, an incision is made between the ear and the side of the head.
  2. The shape of the cartilage within the ear is adjusted to create missing folds, which will move the ear closer to the head.
  3. Your stitches will be removed 5-10 days after surgery and you will be advised to wear a protective headband when sleeping, in order to prevent any pressure on the ears when pushed against the pillow.
  4. Once your ears are healed they will sit closer to the head in a natural- looking way.


There will be a small scar between the ear and the side of the head.

Only very young children need a general anaesthetic. Our ear procedure is performed with a local on everybody else.

To fix your prominent ears, please get in touch. The procedure is simple and it will boost your confidence in your appearance.