Mole Removal


Do you have an unsightly mole you’d like removed? Perhaps you’re concerned it has changed colour or size recently, or that it feels different? Whether you’re concerned that your mole may have the potential to be harmful, or you’d simply like it removed from a prominent area, skilled and experienced surgeon,Demetrius Evriviades, can help.

In the first place you’ll need to have your mole assessed. Moles come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Where they are on your body will also have an impact on the best course of action. This is why we’d like to invite you to a consultation with Demetrius to talk about your problem mole. On viewing the mole, Demetrius will be able to make suggestions about the next steps to take, as well as discuss the costs involved.

For all enquiries call us on 0121 446 1755


Most mole removal procedures are day cases. You will be fully informed of everything that’s going to happen before you arrive at the hospital for your appointment.

A local anaesthetic will be administered in the first instance to ensure the procedure is pain free. In most cases, Demetrius will then use a scalpel to either remove the mole fully, or lower it to skin level, depending on what you’ve discussed. You will have a scar, but this will fade. There may be some discomfort immediately following the procedure, but over the counter painkillers will make you comfortable again.

As long as no complications arise there will be no overnight stay and no need to book longer than the day of the procedure off work. Many mole removal procedures are carried out successfully every day, giving this procedure an excellent safety record. There are only minimal risks involved and these will be discussed with you during your consultation.

To discover more about the mole removal techniques used by Demetrius, as well as whether or not your mole is likely to be harmful, please give our dedicated medical team a call. We’ll be able to arrange an appointment for you at your earliest convenience to visit Demetrius and have your mole assessed.

If you ring us as soon as you can, there’s even a chance we’ll be able to assess and remove your mole before the festive party period begins. You could be seeing in the New Year with renewed body confidence, thank to a timely mole removal procedure. Please get in touch.


The area that has been anaesthetised will feel numb. You will be advised not to put pressure on the area, and to take care not to accidentally bite your lip or cheek, until the numbness has worn off.

Local anaesthetic is usually administered via an injection. In some cases, cream or gel may be used.

It can take up to half an hour for a local anaesthetic to be fully effective. The procedure won’t be performed until your surgeon is certain that the anaesthetic is working.

The anaesthetic will take 3-5 hours to wear off completely.