Mastopexy Surgery


Getting older and having children will affect the appearance of your breasts. If your breasts are sagging, too soft, a bit deflated or the nipples are pointing downwards and this situation is making you miserable, a breast lift will restore them to a desired height and give you a more desirable body contour.

As each individual is different, it’s important that you book a consultation with the surgeon to explain what you’d like to achieve.

  • A breast lift will raise and firm your breasts, giving you a more youthful breast contour.
  • Breast implants can be inserted at the same time to increase lost breast volume.
  • A breast lift can be performed at any age once breast development has stopped.
  • Treatment Time : 2.5 hours, overnight hospital stay.

  • Recovery Time : Discomfort 3-7 days, time off work 1-2 weeks

  • Results Duration : 12 weeks until final result, scars improve over 18 months.

  • Price : From £4395

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  1. The shape and positioning you’d like to achieve will be discussed during your consultation with the surgeon.
  2. Several incisions will be made in your breasts. The amount of cuts and where they will be made will depend on the nature of the lift.
  3. Once the breasts (and nipples) have been repositioned, the skin is sutured and bandaged.
  4. When you’re fully healed, you will have higher breasts and a more flattering figure.


Great candidates for mastopexy surgery are those with pendulous breasts, breasts that lack substance or firmness and breasts with nipples that point downwards. Please bear in mind that large, heavy breasts can be lifted but the results may not last as long.

The size and shape of your breasts, as well as the size of your areolae and the extent of the sagging you are experiencing will determine the sort of breast lift surgery you’ll have. You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals during your first consultation.

If you are a smoker, we recommend that you stop smoking. We may recommend that you have a mammogram, particularly if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. You may be advised to reduce your usage of aspirin or some inflammatory drugs.

Up to three incisions are made during a breast lift. They are made following the natural contours of the breast. The scars will fade over time.

You will have dressings on your breast and be covered within elastic bandage or a surgical bra. There will be swelling and bruising. You may have drain tubes attached to your breasts to help with the removal of fluid. You will be encouraged to leave your bed the day after surgery for short periods of time.

You will begin to feel more comfortable after several days, but you must remember not to strain, bend or lift for several weeks. It may take a while for your breasts to return to a more natural shape and it may take longer still for the sensation in them to return to normal.

As the procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic, The usual risks associated with anaesthesia apply. There is a small risk of haematoma, wound breakdown and infection. We cannot guarantee that the sensation you feel in your breasts will not to be altered or that the shape of your breasts will be absolutely symmetrical. However, you may be able to return to work within one week, depending on how well you are recovering. You can resume normal activities within several weeks.

Your breasts will be uplifted and firmer. Your areolas and nipples will be higher, in a more pleasing position.
A breast lift can be combined with a breast enlargement as a combined procedure, during which we will insert breast implants and lift the breast in the same operation.
Your breast shape should remain constant, unless you experience significant weight gain or loss, or become pregnant. Ageing and gravity may make it necessary for you to undergo a second breast lift procedure in order to preserve your youthful contour after a period of years.